MicroStrain Communication Library

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In most cases, you don't need to build MSCL from source. Simply download the latest pre-built binaries (1.32.0).

If you want to build MSCL from source, see the Build ReadMe.

What is MSCL?

MSCL is the MicroStrain Communication Library, developed by LORD Microstrain Sensing Systems in Williston, VT. It was created to make it simple to interact with our wireless and wired sensors.

Programming Languages

MSCL is written in C++, but by using SWIG we are able to wrap it into a variety of languages. The library is currently available in:

  • C++
  • Python
  • .NET (C#, VB, MATLAB, LabVIEW)


Quick Start Guide

Public Documentation - Documentation for all of the public functionality of MSCL.

Full Documentation - Full Documentation of everything in MSCL.

Example Code

  • Note: LabVIEW example code is coming soon. Contact us for availability.


MIT License - see the LICENSE.txt file in the source distribution.

Copyright (C) 2015-2016 LORD Corporation. All Rights Reserved.